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 Evidence Based Medicine

For years, clinical decision-making was based primarily on the personal knowledge and experience of physicians and little on expert opinion. Now, the medical community is searching for scientific evidence of treatment options, with measurable outcomes that validate their efficacy and safety, in other words "Evidence Based Medicine".

In answer to this growing demand, Orthofix has created a new "series" of documents focusing on clinical evidence of Orthofix products designed as a tool for surgeons.

The series is arranged into four categories:

  • Voice of Literature (VoL), which reviews medical literature focusing on a specific device with reference to product performance.
  • Voice of Publication (VoP), which contains a bibliography of Orthofix products. Each reference provides hyperlink to the abstract article, if available on PubMed.
  • Voice of Design (VoD), which gives a summary of the technical and scientific information concerning the design features of a specific device.
  • Clinical Voice, which presents clinical cases successfully treated with one of our products.