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​​​​Orthofix understands the importance of patient support and provides the following condition treatment and product support information to assist those who may benefit from our products. The materials on this Web site are for your general educational information only. Information you read on this Web site cannot replace the relationship that you have with your health care professional. We do not practice medicine or provide medical services or advice as a part of this Web site. You should always talk to your health care professional for diagnosis and treatment.

​Patient Condition & Product Information

Low Back Pain — Low back pain is one of the most expensive non-life-threatening problems treated by the medical community.

Spine Fusion — Back pain may arise from a variety of reasons and back surgery allows a surgeon to remove the pressure and create a more stable spinal column.

Fracture Management — Learn more about Orthofix fracture treatment with external fixation and pin site care.

Limb Reconstruction — Orthofix's limb lengthening and correction products can correct irregular bone growth from childhood as well as damage caused by an accident.

Pediatrics — Orthofix bracing products, mini fixators and limb deformity correction devices are made specifically to protect, restore and heal children born with congenital defects and for children who are injured.

Fusion in the Extremities – Fusion in the extremities is performed when the joints and/or cartilage has become severely damaged and causing wear on the bones. 

Union – This is when fusion is achieved and when the surgery is considered successful.

Non-Union – Sometimes complications from bone surgery or trauma arise in which the bone ends do not fuse together.  There could be various reasons this would happen whether it be surgical technique, patient health or too much damage surrounding the area to be fused.

Joint Resconstruction – When non-surgical or arthroscopy is not an option or becomes inadequate. Joint reconstruction surgery is performed typically using durable metals and plastics and it helps to relieve pain and regain mobility that had become weak and painful from overuse and aging.