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​​​At Orthofix our mission is to improve patients' lives by providing superior reconstructive and regenerative orthopedic and spine solutions to physicians worldwide. We do this through the development, manufacture and delivery of innovative products and regenerative tissues forms to treat a variety of spine and orthopedic conditions.

The Company is proud to collaborate on research and development activities with leading clinical organizations such as the MTF Biologics, the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

With the opening of the Orthofix Institute for Research, Training and Education in the Lewisville, Texas headquarters, the company now has a world-class medical education and training facility to support a full array of programs for training health care professionals.

Medical Education Opportunities

Orthofix and its subsidiaries conduct product training and medical educational programs to provide health care professionals with instruction on the safe and effective use of company products and tissue forms. We use multiple platforms to conduct training including hands on workshops, seminars and web based resources. To learn more, visit the links below.

Medical Education

Exhibits and Meetings

Orthofix Solutions

BioStim — Market leading devices for enhancing bone fusion that utilize our patented pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) technology. These devices are indicated as an adjunctive treatment to enhance fusion success in cervical and lumbar spine fusion as well as a therapeutic treatment for non-healing fractures outside of the spine (non-unions).

Biologics — Regenerative tissue forms that enable physicians to successfully treat a variety of spinal and orthopedic conditions. Developed through our partnership with the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), these tissue forms are used to enhance bone fusion in patients with musculoskeletal defects.

Extremity Fixation — Non-spine orthopedic products used in fracture repair, deformity correction and bone reconstruction. These medical devices are placed outside the skin or internally both ​with minimal invasion into the body.

Spine Fixation​​ — Cervical and lumbar implant products used in surgical procedures of the spine to address a number of orthopedic needs.​