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 Case Managers


The Orthofix Payer Development Team focuses on third party insurance provider agreements, programs and services for our insurance customers, that advance education, influence efficacy and further cost effectiveness.


Product In-Service 
Orthofix offers product in-service programs with Continuing Education credits to assist you, as the case manager, in providing quality treatment for your patients.

Customer Service​

For Customer Service for our bone growth stimulation products such as our Spinal-Stim®, Cervical-Stim® and Physio-Stim®​​, please contact:

(800) 535-4492 toll free (7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST)
(800) 445-1923 fax

Guarantee Program 
Each product, Cervical-Stim, Spinal-Stim and Physio-Stim, comes with a written money back guarantee. This​ assures the payor that when the patient is compliant with prescri​bed wear time,​ radiographic progress will be shown in spinal fusion or fracture healing respectively, or the fee paid for the device will be fully refunded. This permits physicians to prescribe and providers to approve our osteogenesis​ stimulation technology with confidence, and most importantly, to assure patients of healing progress.

​Please click on one of the following Guarantee Programs for more information:


​For more information, e-mail Co​rporateAccounts@Or​ or call (800) 535-4492.​


Are your products approved by Medicare?

Yes. All of our products are approved by Medicare.

Will you negotiate preferred provider agreements?

Yes. Orthofix contracts mutually beneficial agreements with nationally recognized organizations throughout the United States, and the majority of all third party payors.

How do we go about contracting with Orthofix?

Orthofix has a dedicated Payer Development staff with extensive experience in the contracting process. To initiate a contract, e-mail

Do you have clinical information to support your technology?

Yes. An Orthofix Account Manager can provide you with clinical support for our products and other key issues related to patient care.

Are you CEU accredited? Do you offer any programs for our clinical staff? Do you offer in-service for our pre-authorization or reimbursement staff?

Yes. Contact your local Account Manager to schedule a one credit hour CEU program or call (800) 535-4492.​

Will you take care of educating the patients?

Yes. We are a service-oriented company and provide patient education at the time of service, or at the prescribing physician's office.​​

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