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​​​​​​Technical Educat​​ion Forum 

Orthofix has partnered with the MTF Biologics to provide innovative biologics that are safe and efficacious for recipients. Orthofix entered into the exclusive relationship with MTF because of their exemplary safety record and tremendous commitment to the donor families and the tissue recipients they serve. At MTF's Global Headquarters in Edison, New Jersey, the company conducts Technical Education Forums (TEFs) which are intended to educate surgeons and provide them with a deeper understanding of the processes that make MTF the global leader in tissue processing. During a TEF, surgeons learn about the history of MTF and the foundation on which it was built. In addition, they discover why donor selection is critical when choosing a graft that will provide the best possible patient outcome. The surgeons are also educated on the careful processing procedures for MTF tissues including Trinity Evolution®, Trinity ELITE®​​ and VersaShield®​. The goal of the TEF is to provide the surgeons with all the information they need to make an educated decision regarding tissue selection. Although the specific agenda for each training program will vary in accordance with the specific needs and objectives of the attendee, generally each program may include the following instru​ctional elements:

  • MTF history
  • Donor services explanation
  • Hands-on demonstrations
  • Clinical discussions with the training staff, lead scientists and specialists, and executive management.

​​​The training staff for each visiting health care provider (HCP)​ program can consist of medical education instructors, product specialists, and company executives who have specific technical expertise on the tissue and company capabilities for which training is being provided.​

​​​Contact your Orthofix representative for more information​​.​


 Spine Professio​nals​

​​ Orthopedic P​rofess​ionals

Technical Education Forums at MTF: To schedule a TEF contact an​ Orthofix representative​